Camera System


  • ENCAM 1030Single C MOS Full HD Endocam with inbuilt high performance LED light source and recording facility.
  • Excellent image quality in Full High Definition format.
  • Digital signal processing.
  • Automatic electronic shutter control.
  • Programmable camera head buttons.
  • Multiple output signals i.e. DVI-D, HDMI, RGB and Composite to match any monitor.
  • 11 Pr-programmed user preset for different disciplines.
  • C – mount camera head, Immersible and gas sterilisable.
  • High performance LED light source equivalent to 180 / 300 watts of Xenon lamp with variable intensity.
  • Storage of images and videos directly on the USB storage device.
  • Optional module for Pneumatic Lithoclast.

Aspect Ratio
Minimum Light
Lens thread
Video Output
LED colour temperature
Brightness control
Lamp life min.
Power supply

1/3″ CMOS.
16: 9.
Full HD 1920 x 1080 P.
0.5 Lux.

C mount.
DVI-D, HDMI, RGB and Composite.
11 Programmable presets.
6500 K.0 – 100 %.
30,000 hrs.
100 – 240 VAC,
50 – 60 Hz.

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