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Within gynecological laparoscopy, Creative Medi Systems offers instrument sets for various endoscopic therapy options such as myoma enucleation, hysterectomy (TLH, LASH) or the treatment of endometriosis.



Urology has influenced advancements in minimal invasive surgery like no other discipline. In just a short space of time, this has resulted in numerous new surgical techniques for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia, urolithiasis and urothelial carcinoma.



Accident surgery and sports medicine are becoming increasingly important aspects of orthopedics. The rise in physical activity leads to undue stress and overload of the locomotor system. The result is an increasing level of disease and trauma of the knee and other joints. Patients have very high expectations for a full recovery of the joint function, as well as a fast convalescence and early return to work and sport. We provide the best possible support for surgery, especially during complex, arthroscopic interventions, and make a substantial contribution towards minimizing the risk of complication and post-operative trauma.


General surgery

the trend towards minimally invasive procedures has already advanced to become the standard in certain areas. Richard Wolf instruments offer user-friendly concepts for all laparoscopic interventions in minimally invasive surgery – from the fundoplication to the cholecystectomy.

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